Certainly, Vera Zvonareva is reknown as one of the best tennis-players in the world. But Vera's activities are not limited only to sports. In 2007 Vera Zvonareva graduated from the Russian State University of Physical Education. The same year her tennis career had been "frozen" for a few months due to the wrist injury. So Vera got more time for her off-court activities. She most desired to continue with her education and enrolled to the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation where studies the international economic relations. As the Vera speaks: « the Academy gives to me the chance to receive the knowledge which is not about doing sports but different and to develop myself beyond the frameworks of my tennis career.


It is very interesting for me to be studying the international relations as I and any other professional athlete travel so much around the world. Certainly, to combine professional sports career and a student's life is extremely uneasy. And it requires to study "on the road" and often learn new material independently. But Vera is trying not to pay attention to these complexities: «Sometimes it is very hard to force myself to read textbooks again, but, having made it, I'm enjoy keeping my mind working and absorbing some new knowledge». Thanks to received experience in Academy, Vera can participate in some projects from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation from August 28th, 2009 Vera Zvonareva has been included in structure of the Commission of the Russian Federation on UNESCO affairs. «I have a huge respect for our Minister for Foreign Affairs, and also the chairman of the commission of the Russian Federation on UNESCO affairs, Sergey Lavrov. He is very formed person and a magnificent expert. Such a person should be the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia».

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